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Window blinds, window shades and window treatments all at great discount blinds prices.

Blackout Blinds Made Easy

Want a lot of privacy? Want to keep the sun out of your home? Want to give your home a designer look? Then the blackout blinds are the answer to your problem. The black out fabric completely blocks the sun light. The special fabrics they are made from have a high density ensuring intimacy. The blackout blinds come in various colors and patterns, so that you have the chance to find the best suit for your home. These window coverings are best suited for spaces where you need a lot of privacy like bathroom windows, or bedroom windows, but, by putting your creative side at work you can find the best fit for them anywhere in the house.

These shades meet the highest demands for total light blocking, flame safety, and excellent solar heat reduction. Made from 100% polyester, Black Out shade material has a polyvinylacetate/acrylic coating on both sides with flame retarding additives. It is manufactured without solvents or formaldehyde making it flame proof and non-toxic proof. If there is a fire no toxic gases will be emitted. This added safety feature makes Blackout shades the preferred light blocking material for public and private facilities.

Blackout shade material is the most affordable and is well suited for commercial, industrial, school and residential use. Black Out shades have a bright white exterior which reflects out the sun's heat while the interior color faces the room side. Colors remain fast, edges are clean cut and non-fraying. Both sides of the shade are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Choose from one of the Blackout blinds products below:

Bamboo Blinds: Max Width: Pleated Shades: Max Width:
Blackout Bamboo Blinds Chart A 144" Blackout Pleated Shades Group 1 144"
Blackout Bamboo Blinds Chart B 144" Blackout Pleated Shades Group 2 144"
Blackout Bamboo Blinds Chart C 144" Blackout Pleated Shades Group 3 144"
Sliding Panels: Max Width: Roman Shades: Max Width:
Bamboo Sliding Panels Grp F Blackout 144"
Blackout Flat Roman Shades Group D 120"
Bamboo Sliding Panels Grp G Blackout 144"
Blackout Hobbled Roman Shades Group H 120"
Bamboo Sliding Panels Grp H Blackout 144"
Bamboo Sliding Panels Grp I Blackout 144"
Blackout Fabric Sliding Panels Grp B 144"
Roller Shades: Max Width: Cellular Shades: Max Width:
Blackout Fabric Roller Shades Chart C 127" Blackout 3/4" Single Cellular 174"
" 3/8" Single Cell Applause Legends Blackout 174"
" 3/8" Fanfare Single Cell Blackout 96"
Arch Top Shades: Max Width: Skylight shades: Max Width:
Blackout 3/4" Single Cellular Arch Top Shades 72" Blackout 3/4" Single Cellular Skylight Shades 60"
Verticals: Max Width:
Blackout Venice 3/4" Single Cellular Vertical 168"

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