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Window blinds, window shades and window treatments all at great discount blinds prices.

Tricky Window Solutions

blind picture Skylight Windows
Skylights are not as tricky as you may think. You can use cellular skylight shades which have a headrail on both ends and with the third (middle) rail you can lift and lower them and control the sun and heat coming into the room. This will also be a great help protecting your furniture and carpet from fading.
shim blind picture Arch Windows
We offer cellular shade arches and Crescent faux wood arches for windows that have an arched opening over the rectangular window. Choose a matching cell shades or fauxwood blind to complete the window.
blind picture Bay Windows
Bay windows project out past the exterior of the wall to create an alcove or a nook in your room with glass on all three sides. Both outside and inside mounts work for bay windows. However, for inside mount, choose products with smaller headrails, such as 1" wood blinds, cell shades and pleated shades. Please read our bay window measuring instructions thoroughly before ordering.
shim blind picture Sunrooms & Corner Windows
Sunroom is the name generally given to a room on the back of a house that is surrounded by windows. These can get tricky because of the way the windows meet in the corners and the slope that is sometimes part of the original home design. Most products work fine here but it's important that you read our corner window measuring instructions first.
blind picture Transoms, Clearstory Windows
These windows can allow a great deal of unwanted heat and light into a room, especially bedrooms. If possible it's best to match the treatment with whatever was on the lower window in that room. Other choices that are popular are cellular shades, wood blinds, faux wood blinds and pleated shades.
shim blind picture Wide, Multi Blinds on One Headrail
Wide window treatments require 2 or 3 blinds on one headrail due the the weight of the treatment. As well, depending on the layout of your window, it may also be more asthetically pleasing and increase functionality. As this feature also allows you to raise each shade independently, a benefit if you're only opening one of the windows. Choose from wood blinds, cell shades, bamboo blinds.
blind picture French Doors
French doors almost always have the window treatment mounted to the door itself. Generally you would measure a little wider and taller than the glass. View our french door measuring instructions for details. Popular choices for a french type door would be cellular shades, roller shades, mini blinds, 1" wood blinds and bamboo blinds.
shim blind picture Sliding Glass Doors
A vertically hung product is the most practical solution for sliding doors. We suggest Vertical Blinds, or for a more modern or contemporary look, Sliding Panels or Woven Wood Folding Panels. Vertical Cellular Shades are soft and more casual and work well with any decorating style. Most of these products have coordinating horizontal treatments for windows in the same room.
blind picture Shower & Tub Windows
Since these applications are high moisture & humidity areas we recommend you use a window treatment that is durable, easy to clean and resists mold. Popular choices include fauxwood blinds and pvc vertical blind.
shim blind picture Garage & Storage Area's
When ordering blinds for a garage, storage area, etc you need to consider both the look from the outside of your home so it coordinates with the treatments on the rest of the house (all horizontal, etc) and the possibility of dust & dirt buildup. Go for our 2" faux wood blinds or for a very easy to clean solution try our smooth pvc vertical or vinyl roller shades.
blind picture Glass Block Windows
Although these windows are obscure they are not always totally private. If it's dark outside and you have your lights on inside someone standing near the window would show as a silhouette from the outside. Sometimes even more than that shows. We recommend any light filtering treatment that works to properly treat the window and second as a privacy enhancer.
shim blind picture Extreme Sun Exposure
Got heat? We've got answers!
We have a wide assortment of products that work well for windows that allow too much sunlight in. If you would still like a view to the outdoors try our Solar Shades. Light Filtering Cell Shades and Blackout cellular shades provide protection and reduce energy cost.
blind picture Commercial Windows
Some great heavy duty commercial grade products would be the sheerweave solar shades (blocks the heat, maintains the view), 2" faux wood blinds (looks like the real wood blinds), 2" wood blinds, vertical blinds and 1" mini blinds.
shim blind picture Need View but Privacy Concerns
One of the best types of shades for this application would be our Phifer Sheerweave Shades. They are available in Roller Shade and Roman Fold styles. If you want to keep the view to the outside while still having some degree of privacy then this is the best solution.
blind picture Round Windows
Round Window Shades are available in our energy efficient cellular shades, Light Filtering Round Shades or, Blackout Round Shades which are great for bedrooms or media rooms. These window treatments are stationary.
shim blind picture Sidelight Windows
These long narrow windows do a great job allowing light into the foyer/entry areas. Depending on your need for privacy try one of these:cellular shades, pleated shades, 1" wood blinds, 1" faux wood blinds, 1" mini blinds, micro mini blinds. Due to the narrow width, these blinds will be available in tilt only.

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